A Secret for Bigger and Rounder Butt

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Are you insecure with those ladies with big butt? Do you want to have a big bubble butt? Do you want to give your man “something” to hold on to?

Girls! Are you insecure with those ladies with big butt? Do you want to have a big bubble butt? Do you want to give your man “something” to hold on to? Well, if you are serious of having this. Here is the secret to that..

A simple butt workout with no equipment needed.

Start off with a warm-up exercise before doing workouts.

Lunges and Lift

Reverse Lunge with the Rare Leg Lift. Start with the left leg forward. Strike down your rare right leg up and down slowly. Torsos straight up and down. Get that rare knee down as close to the ground as you possibly can. Try to get your front knee back over top of your foot or ankle. Every single time you come up from that lunge lift your right leg and squeezed that glute muscle and drop it back to lunge again. Make sure you evenly distribute your weight between your front and rare leg. Try not to let all your front leg do the work. Keep this motion work for 60 seconds and then switch to Lunge Pulses.

rare leg lift.pic

Lunge Pulses. Get your rare leg behind you. Drop it down a few inches to the very bottom of that range of motion. Don’t come all the way back up. Keep that knee nice and low. Keep it going for 60 seconds. After that, switch to the other side.


Double Dip Squats

Stand on our feet wider than your shoulder apart. Drop down to a really nice dip squat. Do a couple of pulses and come right back up again. Keep repeating that motion over and over again. This is a real complex motion but it’s going to burn your those legs like crazy if you’re doing it right. Make sure you get it really low, get your thigh at least parallel to the ground if you can. Keep that pulse as low as you possibly can. Keep checking your form; make sure it’s nice and clean. Try to force yourself to go down as possible every single time. Keep it going nice and strong. Do it for 60 seconds.

double dip squats.pic

Static Squats

Same position with the double dip squats. Drop down to a dip squats and hold it for 60 seconds. Keep your hips nice and low, thighs parallel to the ground as possible as you can. Just hold it and get comfy.

big butt squats

Squat Pulses

Stand up and shake your legs for a second. Drop it right back down. Squat pulses is the very bottom of that range of motion so, keep checking yourself if your legs are getting tired, that squats are getting higher and higher. Make sure you constantly keep those hips down every single pulse. Keep that muscle burn for 60 seconds. And then relax!

squat pulses.pic

Good job! This workout is complete. Take those legs out; you just finished your workout to get bigger butt. Good luck on your big butt workout.

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